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    About the company 


    Dzerzhinsk broiler poultry plant was founded on 21 January 1979. Afterwards this plant served as the basis for the establishment of OAO “Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy”. A large integrated agro-industrial holding is created by mutually beneficial joining of the inefficient farms from Dzerzhinsk district to the Broiler poultry farm.    

   At the moment, OAO “Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy” is the largest enterprise in the Dzerzhinsk district - 18,000 hectares of agricultural land, including 13,600 hectares of arable land. Its main activities are the industrial production, processing and realization of poultry meat products.

    Our activities:

1. Poultry farming.

2. Cattle breeding, plant growing, pond fish breeding.

3. Production of mixed fodder, premixes and protein-vitamin supplements;

    Production capacity:

1. “Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy” produces 20% of all poultry meat products produced in the Republic of Belarus. The annual production is over 81 thousand tons of chicken in live weight.

2. The average daily weight gain of birds is more than 61.1 g at feed consumption 1.6 с.u.

3. The production capacity of the hatcheries is 56 million eggs per year.

4. The population of dairy herd in the branches is about 5000 heads.

5. Crop in storage of grain and maize - 49 thousand tons at a crop yield of 68.1 c / ha.

6. The motor-vehicle fleet has 350 units of modern vehicles.

    Modern technologies

    For the moment, chicken broilers are grown under conditions of floor and cage housing in 86 poultry houses and monoblocks with a capacity of 5.3 million heads. The implementation of advanced and highly efficient technologies and also the usage of new equipment and high-grade fodder allowed to surpass the European level of average daily weight gain of a bird. Today, this rate is 61 grams per day whereas survival rate of the poultry population is 96.4 %.

    Our Advantages and Achievements

1. A closed production cycle of poultry meat - from the production of parental forms of broilers and incubation eggs to the production and realization of deep processed products and semi-finished products in its own retail chain;

2. “Agrokombinat “Dzerzhinskiy” is the prize winner of numerous prestigious awards in the sphere of production;

3. The enterprise frequently won the Grand Prize in the competitions like "Product of the Year", "Best Products". It has also been awarded the premiums of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for quality, has numerous diplomas and medals from Russian and Belarusian agricultural exhibitions as well.